Prof Sam Beddar, PhD

Sam Beddar is a tenured full professor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas in the Division of Radiation Oncology, adjunct professor in the Department of physics, physics engineering and optics at The Université Laval and adjunct professor in the Department of Medical Physics at The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, Madison, Wisconsin. He is the Director of Clinical Research in the Department of Radiation Physics within the Division of Radiation Oncology.


He has been the clinical chief of the Gastrointestinal (GI) Service from 2005 to 2020, focusing his clinical attention on developing, SPECT, 4D-CT with and without intravenous contrast for the liver, respiratory-gated modalities and SBRT techniques for GI cancers. He has been the Director of the intraoperative radiation therapy program at MDACC since 2005.


Dr. Beddar has served on many National Institutes of Health study section review panels and has been a PI of numerous NIH/NCI grant awards as well as industrial grants. His laboratory research is actively engaged in the rapidly growing field of scintillation dosimetry and the use of scintillating materials to measure radiation dose. His work ranges from basic research on scintillator properties to detector development, clinical applications, and commercialization.  Dr. Beddar’s lab is currently using scintillation detectors to perform in vivo dosimetry external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy and proton therapy. His research activities contributed to the EXRADIN W1 and W2 commercial systems from Standard Imaging, Inc and the HyperScint commercial systems from Medscint, Inc. Recently his lab is focusing on the 3D dose imaging of proton beams, prompt gamma imaging and proton CT and radiography. He has authored more than 200 peer reviewed publications and 10 patents.

  • MD Anderson, Texas