Françoise Bezerra

Françoise BEZERRA received her degree in electronic engineering from the French Civil Aviation National School (ENAC) in 1991. She joined the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales), the French Space Agency, in 1992 as a quality insurance engineer in charge of microprocessors, ASICs and FPGAs.


In 1999, she moved to the radiation group where she still coordinates the radiation test campaigns, supports projects for the selection and use of electronic devices despite the radiation environment and manages R&D studies on these topics.


Recognized as an expert in Radiation Hardness Assurance, she supports space projects and especially New Space programs where classical RHA rules have to be reworked and adapted.


She is Principal Investigator of two instruments that study radiation effects on electronic devices on-board of satellites (CARMEN-MEX) or stratospheric Balloons (BRAD).


As a specialist in irradiation facilities, she is also involved in two projects funded by the European Union: Project Consortium Board member and Work Package Leader in the RADNEXT project (RADiation facility Network for the EXploration of effects for indusTry and research) and Advisory Panel member of the HEARTS project (High-Energy Accelerators for Radiation Testing and Shielding).


Françoise BEZERRA has authored or co-authored more than 100 papers in radiation testing, Radiation Harness Assurance or in-flight experiments. She is IEEE/NPSS member and widely involved in the RADECS association (Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems). Recently, she was general chair of the RADECS 2023 conference.

  • CNES, France