Benedikt Bergmann

In 2012, Benedikt Bergmann joined the Institute of Experimental and applied Physics, Czech Technical University (IEAP CTU), within the frame of ARDENT (Advanced Radiation Dosimetry European Network Training initiative) as a researcher, while in parallel working on his doctorate at the Erlangen Center for Astroparticle Physics, which he received in 2019. He has gained further valuable work experience through stays as a visiting scientist at ESA-ESTEC and PTB Braunschweig (German Metrology Institute), In 2020, he became the head of the department of “electronics and software” at IEAP CTU.

Throughout his career, he has been key personnel in the development of miniaturized particle monitors for application in low earth orbit (e.g., the ESA projects SATRAM, MIRAM, and HITPix), proposer and coordinator of Timepix detector networks installed in ATLAS and at LHCb (within the MoEDAL experiment). He is co-applicant of the EC Horizon 2020 project “Development of a demonstrator for a penetrating particle analyser (PAN) technology” and obtained a Junior Star Grant from the Czech Science Foundation (interdisciplinary, 5% success rate) for the project “Particle identification in high-energy physics experiments and space with advanced detection systems”.

Besides collaboration papers, he is author of 43 publications in impacted journals with more than 240 citations (evaluated in Jan. 2023). He has given invited talks at the International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors (IWORID2022), the IEEE real time conference, and the IEEE International Conference on Applied Electronics (APPEL2022). He was invited as lecturer to the 4th summer school on Neutron Detectors and Related Applications (NDRA2022) and prepared a short course at the 7th international conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation Measurement Methods and their Applications (ANIMMA2021).

He has been member of the scientific committee of ANIMMA2021, session co-chair of RADECS2023 and is currently member of the evaluation panel P203 (“Nuclear and particle physics, astronomy and astrophysics”) of the Czech Science Foundation.

  • Institute of Experimental and applied Physics, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic