Space Qualification 2022

The 1st Space Qualification Workshop is proudly convened by the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics, March 22 – 23, University of Wollongong and Online (hybrid). The workshop will provide background and context on Space Qualification, consistent with that of a professional development short course. As such, the workshop is targeting a wide range of Space and Defense Industry-relevant professionals, including engineers, physicists, computing scientists, lawyers, commercial entrepreneurs, consultants and advisors.

Space Qualification 2022 Chair

Anatoly Rozenfeld

Space Qualification 2022 Co-Chairs

Michael LerchMarco Petasecca

The workshop will be delivered by internationally recognized leaders in the Space Industry fields who will focus on Space Qualification requirements and testing of radiation effects in microelectronics, radiation hardness assurance and reliability, radiation testing facilities and radiation dosimetry.

The workshop will address the current status of radiation and non-radiation testing facilities for space qualification in Australia and their future development under the umbrella of the National Space Qualification Network (NSQN). The NSQN founding partners have received funding from the Australian Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through a Space Payload Qualification Facilities Grant to address the needs of the rapidly growing Australian space industry and to further facilitate international space science and engineering networks and collaborations.

This 1st Space Qualification workshop represents a foundation platform for the annual Short Course on Space Qualification, compatible with a tertiary education micro-credentialing scheme to be delivered in 2023 (Noosa 12-13 February, 2023). Follow this link for the syllabus.