MMND, 4th February, 2022 Program

7:45 -7:50     MMND Welcome (Anatoly Rosenfeld, Michael Lerch, Tomas Kron)

7:50-8:00 Opening by Prof David Currow , Deputy Vice Chancellor (Health and  Sustainable Futures) UOW

Radiobiology and advancement of FLASH and spatially fractionated therapy session

Chair: Michael Lerch and Stephanie Corde –Tehei

8:00-8:30          Marie-Catherine Vozenin, Lausanne University Hospital

“FLASH radiotherapy: new radiobiology to support clinical translation”

 8:40-9:10         Michael Krisch, ESRF, France

“Status and perspectives for MRT at the ESRF”

9:20-9:50          Yolanda Prezado, Institute Curie, France

“Protons and minibeam radiation therapy: a winning alliance”

Chairs: Joseph Bucci and Lois Holloway

10:00-10:30      Michael Zelefsky, MSKCC, NY  

“The Value of Focal Dose Escalation Using MRI Linac for Localized Prostate Cancer”

10:40-11:10      Joseph Deasy, MSKCC, NY

“Clinical radiobiology through the lens of multimodality imaging”

11:10-11:40      Coffee Break/Industrial Exhibition

Advanced treatment planning in proton therapy session

Chairs: Tomas Kron and Linh Tran

11:40-12:10      Harald Paganetti, MGH, USA

“Online adaptive Proton Therapy”

12:10-12:40      Erik Traneous , RaySearch, Sweden

“Proton optimization beyond dose – promises and pitfalls”

12:40-13:00      Celebrity Groenendijk, Technical Uni Delft, Holland PT, The Netherlands

“3D LET characterization of the Holland PTC R&D proton beam line for radiobiological research”

13:00-14:00      Lunch and Industrial Exhibition

Advanced dosimetry and  Monte Carlo simulations in ion therapy and space session

 Chairs: Marco Petasecca and Susanna Guatelli

14:00-14:20                  Reinhard Schulte, Loma Linda, USA

                                    “Advanced Beam Monitor for FLASH and Mini-Beam Radiotherapy”

14:20-14:40                  Taku Inaniwa, QST, Japan

“Development of Multi Ion Therapy at QST”

14:40-15:00                  Dousatsu Sakata, QST, Japan

“Prediction of DNA rejoining kinetics and cell survival of HSGC-C5 carcinoma cells using Geant4-DNA”

15:00-15:15                  Yoshihide Sato, QST, Japan

“Assessment of fragmentation model in heavy ion therapy”

15:15-15:30                  James C E Lee, National Cancer Centre, Singapore

”Research and innovation at NCCS”

15:30-15:50                  Yigal Horowitz , Ben Gurion University, Israel

“Extended dose response linearity beyond 1 Gy in LiF:Mg,Ti (TLD-100) using photon excitation post-irradiation”

15:50-16:05                  Yulia Akisheva ISAE-SUPAERO, France

“Regolith as a radiation shield for habitants on the Moon”

16:05-16:30      Coffee Break/Industrial Exhibition

Innovations in radiobiology and in ion accelerators for therapy session

 Chairs: Anatoly Rosenfeld,  Eva Bezak and Moeava Tehei  

16:30-17:00                  Francis Cucinotta, University NevadaLas Vegas, USA

Innovations in Radiobiology with Relevance to Space Missions and Normal Tissue Damage in Oncology”

17:00-17:30                  Marco Durante, GSI , Germany

“Pre-clinical radiobiology at GSI”

17:30-18:00                     Dale Prokopovich, MedAustron, Austria  

“The MedAustron Particle Therapy Facility – Recent and Future Developments”

19:00                Pre-dinner drinks and dinner

ITRO, 5th February, 2022 Program

7:45 -8:00     ITRO Welcome (Josh Yamada and Anatoly Rosenfeld)

Modifying the Biologic Response with Modern Radiotherapy Session

 Chairs:   Josh Yamada and Michael Jackson

8:00-8:30          Josh Yamada, MSKCC, New York, USA

“The Role of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI in the Management of Spine Metastases with SBRT”

8:30-8:40           Discussion

8:40-9:10          Nancy Lee, MSKCC, New York, USA

“Precision Radiation for HPV-related Oropharyngeal Carcinoma:  The 30 ROC trial”

9:10-9:20           Discussion

9:20-9:50          Joseph Deasy, MSKCC, New York, USA

“Predictive and Adaptive Radiotherapy (PreART): a new paradigm for radiotherapy personalization”

9:50-10:00         Discussion

10:00-10:30      Igor Barani, Barrow Neurological Institute, AZ, USA

                        “Tissue-based Trialling to Investigate Glioma Radiosensitizer Strategies.”

10:30-10:40      Discussion

10:40-11:10      Coffee Break/Industrial Exhibition

Particle Therapy: FLASH proton therapy and other Innovations in proton therapy session

Chairs: Carl Rossi and Verity Ahern

11:10-11:40      Costas Koumenis, University of Pennsylvania, USA

“Preclinical studies on FLASH proton therapy in mice and canine patients: the Penn experience”

11:40-12:10      John Breneman, Cincinnati Children’s/UC Health Proton Therapy Center, USA

“Implementation and conduct of the first in-human trial of FLASH radiotherapy

12:10-12:40      Carl Rossi, California Proton Therapy Center, San Diego, USA  

“Looking Beyond FLASH-Other clinical innovations in proton therapy

12:40-13:00      Discussion

13:00-14:00      Lunch and Industrial Exhibition

State-of-the-Art in future particle therapy facilities and X-ray SBRT session

Chairs: Michael Penniment and Annette Haworth  

14:00-14:25      Chris Beltran, Mayo Clinic, Florida, USA

“Carbon: high LET Therapy at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida”

14:25-14:45      Michael Penniment Bragg Inst. for PT, Adelaide

“Introducing Proton Therapy to the Australian Radiation Oncology Framework”

14:45-15:05      Scott Penfold Bragg Inst. for PT, Adelaide

“Australian Bragg Centre Construction Update and Potential of Upright Patient Positioning”

15:05-15:30      Shankar Siva, Peter McCullum Cancer Centre, Melbourne

“State of the art in SABR for oligometastatic disease”

15:30-16:00       Round table discussion, young registrars and student presentations

Chairs: Peter Metcalfe and Paul Keall

15:30-15:35   Eric Fong, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney

                        “Photon SBRT for ocular melanoma”

15:35-15:40 Gargi Kothari, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne

“The role of radiomics in lung cancer”.

15:40-15:45 Nick Bucknell, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne 

“Personalised Radiation Therapy – the role of functional imaging to reduce dose to organs at risk”

15:45-15:50 Irina Kempf , University of Zurich, Switzerland   

“FIRE detector – Research and Development of a portable nanodosimeter”

16:00-16:30      Coffee Break/Industrial Exhibition

Innovations in carbon ion therapy and Boron Neutron Capture therapy session

Chairs: Viet Do and Anna Ralston

16:30-17:00     Piero Fossati, MedAustron, Austria

“Modern Carbon Ion planning in the clinics at MedAustron: is a deterministic RBE the best way to go?”

17:10-17:40      Wolfgang Sauerwein, German Society for BNCT, Germany

“Dawn for BNCT? Recent developments and short-term prospects”

17:50-18:00      Closing

19:00                Dinner / Pre-dinner drinks