SSQ Program

11th February 2023

18:00-20:00                           Welcome Party, Networking with the Faculty and Industry

12th February, 2023

8:00-8:05       Welcome       Anatoly Rozenfeld, SSQ Chair,CMRP, UOW, Australia

8:05-8:10       Opening         Patricia Davidson, VC and President, University of

Wollongong, Australia

Chair of the Board, Australian National Space Qualification Network

8:10-8:15                               Steve Meikle, University of Sydney, Australia

President IEEE NPSS


8:15-9:15       Justin Likar, JHU APL, USA

Space Radiation Environments

9:15-10:15     Indranil Chatterjee, Airbus, Germany

Total ionizing dose effects in MOS devices

10:15-10:45   Tea/Coffee

10:45-11:30   Steve Buchner, US NAVAL Lab, USA

Single Event Effects in Digital Electronics   PART 1

11:30-12:30 Steve Buchner, US NAVAL Lab, USA

Single Event Effects in Analog Electronics   PART 2

12:30-13:30  Lunch

13:30-14:15 Li Chen, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Single Event Effects: Pulsed Laser Testing

14:15-15:00   Melanie Berg, NASA and Space R3 LLC, USA

FPGA basic, PART1

15:00-15:45  Melanie Berg, NASA and Space R3 LLC , USA

FPGA: Radiation Hardness and mitigation strategies for critical space applications, PART2

15:45-16:00   Q&A

16:00-16:30   Tea/Coffee

16:30-17:15  Christian Poivey, ESA

Radiation Hardness Assurance,  PART 1

17:15-18:00   Christian Poivey, ESA

Radiation Hardness Assurance,  PART 2


19:00-22:00   Dinner and networking with industry


13th February, 2022

Space Radiation Effects in Sensors and Solar Cells

8:00-9:00       Valérian Lalucaa, French Space Agency (CNES), France

TID and NIEL effects in image sensors

9:00-9:45       Mitsuru Imaizumi, JAXA, Japan

Operation principle and radiation degradation of solar cells               

9:45-10:30     Masafumi Yamaguchi, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan

Radiation-induced defects in semiconductors

and radiation damage to space solar cells


10:30-11:00   Tea/Coffee


11:00-11:45 Robert Walters, The Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

NIEL theory and application to degradation prediction of solar cells

11:45-12:30 Takeshi Ohshima, QST, Japan

QST radiation facilities and solar cells RHA.


12:30-13:30   Lunch


13:30-14:15   Andrea Coronetti, RADNEXT, CERN

The RADNEXT irradiation facility network for industry and research

14:15-15:15   Indranil Chatterjee, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany

EEE Reliability and Qualification for Space

15:15-15:45 Tea/Coffee

15:45-16:45  Renaud Mangeret, Airbus Defence and Space, France

RHA –industry (TBA)

16:45-17:00  Q&A

17:00-17:05 Closing