ITRO Program

ITRO Co-Chairs:      

Josh Yamada, MSKCC NY, USA

Michael Jackson, POWH, Australia

Joseph Bucci, SG CCC, Australia


Friday, 17th February

7:45-7:50       Welcome Josh Yamada and Anatoly Rozenfeld

7:50-8:00       Opening Prof David Currow , DVC (Health and Sustainable Futures), UOW


8:00-9:00       Michael Zelefsky, MSKCC, NY, USA

Talk 1: 

Novel Approaches for Maximizing Tumour Control and Minimizing Toxicity with Prostate SBRT 


Talk 2:

How Genomic Classifiers Can Modify and Optimize our Management of Localized Prostate Cancer


9:00-9:30        Prostate Tumour Board

M.Zelefsky, MSKCC, NY, USA; M. Jackson, POWH, Australia;

J.Bucci, SGCCC, Australia


9:30-10:00    Coffee break


10:00-11:00  Laura Dawson, The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada

Talk 1: 

Hepatocellular Carcinoma SBRT – a standard of care

Talk 2: 

Searching for biomarkers in upper GI cancers


11:00-11:30  GI Tumour Board

L.Dawson, The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada

A.Koong, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Australia (TBA)


11:30-12:30  Igor Barani, Barrow Neurological Institute, USA     


Talk 1: TBA

Talk 2: How radiomics approaches can be “practically” used in the management and post-treatment monitoring of glioblastoma


12:30-13:30  Lunch


13:30-14:00  CNS Tumour Board

I.Barani, Barrow Neurological Institute, USA

T.Chan, Lerner Research Institute, USA

Ben Chua, Genesis Care,  Australia



14:00-15:00  Andrea Rimner, MSKCC, NY, USA

Talk 1: 

Lung /Integration of radiation therapy and immunotherapy in stage I-III non-small cell lung cancer

Talk 2:

  The role of cfDNA and molecular markers to select lung cancer patients for radiotherapy


15:00-15:30  Coffee break


15:30-16:00  Lung Tumour Board

A.Rimner, MSKCC, NY, USA

S.Rosenberg, Moffitt Cancer Center, USA

TBA, Australia



16:00-16:30  Stefan Both, The University Medical Centre Groningen, Holland

     Proton Arc-Back to the future

16:00-16:45  Wolfgang Tome, Montefiore  Medical Center, USA

     Commissioning and testing of a real time motion adaptive ring gantry based radiotherapy system

16:45-17:00 Vladimir Feygelman, Moffitt Cancer Centre , USA

     Towards automating clinical head and neck treatment planning without sacrificing quality


Special Lecture

17:00-18:00  Timothy Chan, Lerner Research Institute, USA

Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy





Saturday, 18th February

8:00-9:00       Josh Yamada, MSKCC, NY, USA

Salvage Radiation for Spine Metastases Recurrent After Initial SBRT


9:00-9:30       Spine Tumour Board

J.Yamada, MSKCC ,NY, USA



9:30-10:00    Coffee break



10:00-11:00  Nancy Lee, MSKCC, NY, USA         

Talk 1:

Towards Precision Oncology for Oropharyngeal Carcinoma and Nasopahryngeal Carcinoma 

Talk 2:

Lessons learned using biomarker driven de-escalation approach for HPV+ oropharyngeal carcinoma


11:00-11:30  H&N Tumour Board


Baxi, John Flynn Private Hospital, Australia


11:30-12:30 Stephen Rosenberg, Moffitt Cancer Centre, USA

 Personalized Cancer Care with MRI Guided Radiotherapy


12:30-13:30  Lunch


13:30-14:30  Albert Koong, MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA

FLASH Radiotherapy: Ready for Translation into the Clinic?


14:30-14:45 Registrar presentation


14:45-15:00  Eric Fong, POWH, Australia  

Adjuvant small field pelvic radiotherapy for high risk early-stage cervical cancer

15:00-15:30  Coffee break


15:30-17:00  Particle Therapy

Carl Rossi, California Protons Cancer Therapy Center, USA

Curtiland Deville, Johns Hopkins Proton Therapy Center, USA

Hiroshi Ishikawa, HIT QST, Japan


Special Lecture

17:00-18:00  Laura Dawson, The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada

The Future of Radiation Oncology


Closing and MMND ITRO 2025

Josh and Anatoly